Woman power “Mean Gurls Club” at club XXX

The status of women has always been a controversial topic, but in recent years the status and power of women has been increasingly more prominent and is defying gender roles, breaking boundaries and eliminating the cultural norm and stigma.Hip Hop is a scene where masculinity plays a big role and most of the main stream artists are all males, though some artist may have broken the barrier between sexes in the industry ( in the western world ), being in Hong Kong where taboos and social norms plays a big role on how society will perceive you.

The event was hosted by a female Dj and the full line-up were all female’s as well which was very interesting, and was the main reason i was so drawn and ecstatic to participate. I was curious on how the crowd will receive this, but in my honest opinion good music has no gender, its an outlet where everyone can vibe with no matter your background, age, gender, where nothing is judged.

The event had a very “at home” almost like a house party slash frat party vibe to it ( there were sofas, chairs and even a table tennis set complete with the racket and ball ), and also it was a byob ( bring your own beer, which honestly didn’t matter what you brought with you, it could range from milk to weed for all they care! ). Also the use of pink balloons really portrayed a feminine yet very “badass” and “aesthetic” ambience and decor in my point of view and i was genuinely digging it. The crowd stood out to me as it consisted of many foreigners as well as locals, many different age groups ( There was even this Korean guy who is about 50 years old, I swear he had whitening hair ) and styles, which to me is the way Hip-Hop brings everyone together and to see it live and first hand was definitely a sight to see.

The overall performance was great, and since they played Hip-Hop and mixes i never heard of it was a refreshing experience being away from the never ending EDM loop you would be continuously hearing in major party districts like Lan Kwai Fong. Also I’ve noticed that there were a lot of gay men and women in the vicinity yet no one felt uncomfortable, it was bizarre nonetheless but it seemed that they were accepted in the area, in fact everyone seemed to have a great time and the environment sort of rubs into everyone in it. It really shows a bright change in Hong Kong’s conservative landscape where women can lead events and gay men and women are treated as a norm.

I highly recommend you guys going to underground events, stay posted on your social media and try out new venues. It’s not just for the euphoric feeling during a party, the sense of the event having meaning and what it tries to portray is something we should acknowledge. Everything has a deeper meaning and once we understand that it really opens your mind and leaves you a broader mindset. I believe these events are giving these women a chance to showcase their talents and proves that there are no more gender roles, and that hard-work and passion knows no gender, race or what your backgrounds may be!

Going home after this event has really left me questioning my gender. I am now planning a sex change! ( Please understand that it is a joke lol ). Oh and shout out to Jade Lau ( @jadelau on Instagram ) and Kylie Lee (@cctv2.nmw on Instagram ) for these amazing pictures! If i got their links wrong ill make sure to update this!



Located in Sheung Wan is a retail store slash creative space called “Mahka”. Since Its opening last December, it has already been crafting a network of artists and and young creatives. We were fortunate enough to be invited and it was an honour to be in a space where creatives can express themselves with utmost freedom.

The name of the store is Mahka inspired by the founder Maguelone Calmels which is her name shortened and the spelling altered with “HK”which means Hong Kong where she resides. Her first line is heavily inspired by art, the print is actually an art piece her brother did who is a street artist, which i thought as the origin has a very personal meaning.

The store it self has a very homey vibe, yet remains its slick design and interior. It is quite spacious and even has a second floor where they store their clothing and even have a “creative space” which is still yet to be finished. The store brings a sort of freshness in the booming Sheung Wan district, having its own distinct style and merging their background with the culture here in Hong Kong.

I highly recommend you guys stop by the area whenever you’re around Sheung Wan, meet the owners, experience a creative environment, and if you’re interested buy some clothes!


The local Hip-Hop culture in Hong Kong ( Hidden Agenda )

Growing up in Hong Kong and being heavily influenced by hip hop as a child, I did not know what to expect going into this event. To be completely honest, I was quite reluctant about the whole event and had a bias towards the performance without even seeing them yet ( I thought they would be awful ). I personally thought that the language “Cantonese” is hard to flow with in terms of rhyming and that how the words came out subpar. I was dead wrong!

The venue was located at Kwun Tong, which used to be an industrial area where factories ran its businesses. Kwun Tong is well known for its underground venues and old ran down factories, which gives a very edgy vibe if you ask me. We weren’t expecting much going in to it, but as soon as the first act started we were dead wrong.

When they started performing you can see the passion in their eyes, hear it from their voices, see the uncontrollable energy in their movement and the genuine smile on their faces. These guys are deviants, distancing themselves from the norms here in Hong Kong where they call home, which is all the more inspiring. Hong Kong doesn’t support much of the creative scene, It is seen as childish when people try to pursue music or arts, and perceive them as unsuccessful. But seeing how hyped they were whilst performing, you can really tell that they put their hearts on their sleeve and they love what they’re doing. The performances were explosive, they rapped with emotion, It tells you a little of their background and is enough to give you goosebumps. The only downside of the madness was the crowd.

This is a Hong Kong thing, comparatively the majority of locals are not as open minded as foreigners or international residents here. They are reluctant to turn up and vibe with the music, they barely scream to show their support and just stand there and clap. I got the chance to speak to some of the performers and they were all upset about the crowd, saying they couldn’t connect and that they were so “Dead”. They told me how people came here with intent to enjoy Hip Hip openly, they paid for tickets and the least they could do is actually enjoy and vibe with the music. One of the performers said that this isn’t how Hip Hop should be and said that locals here aren’t as receptive as foreigners, and It’s a trend they wish to change as the hip hop scene progresses in the years to come.

At the end of the day though the crew and I did not understand much of what’s being played, good music will always be appreciated. Hip Hop has no languages and boundaries, and It brings different people together and unifies us, our race or background all of that don’t matter. With that being said I am curious on what the future of Hong Kong hip hop will look like, It all depends on these guys.



Bape shark hoodies

A Bathing Ape is a Japanese street-wear brand founded by Nigo in Ura-Harajuku in 1993, and has been one of the most influential and relevant street-wear brand in present time. Although there are many prominent pieces and influential designs the most ground breaking and most hyped one in present day is the “shark hoodies”.  Although only released during 2004, and with comparison to other influential Bape products like their sneaker “bapestas” ( which in a way paved the way to sneaker culture and the collectable sneaker hobby which is very prominent in todays world ), the “shark hoodies” are relatively more sought after in todays street-wear/sneaker culture and also in the fashion industry.

The Bape “shark hoodies” features a full length zip that can be zipped all the way up covering your head entirely. They have either a shark or a tiger stitched into the hood, and also the model type ( which are acronyms such as “WGM” world gone mad and “PONR” which means point of no return ), also with previous drops, Bape has also stitched different animals like a panda, and even masked riders ( famous Japanese Tv show in the 90’s-2000s )  depending on the collaboration and creative processes.

Through the fame of their unique hoodie, Bape has been able to cultivate their brand’s image and popularity. Anyone ignorant to Bape’s existence would be much more likely to take an interest in the brand after seeing someone wearing a”shark hoodies”, becoming one of the brand’s signature pieces. The hoodie has also become a walking advertisement for Bape’s following, being the most popular and easily sold out item and even resold for a profit! I believe that this piece will forever be timeless and continue on being sold till to the masses, its cultural impact is unfuckwithable and revolutionary!

So what do you think about the Bape “shark hoodie”? I fuck with it 11/10, do you?img_9685img_9652img_9688img_9707img_9580img_9645img_9694

Photo Diary of my muse Twinkle Rai

So i decided to go back to Cape D’Aguilar, but this time have a girl modelling for me to make the experience different and also to experiment on the different natural backgrounds and how i can use it to the aesthetic of my model.

Being in the great outdoors the view is overwhelming, having lived in the city all my life going to places like these is always a treat, its always good to unwind and enjoy the fresh air which in all honesty we rarely get the chance to do ( fuck you China for sending fumes here to Hong Kong! ). So here are some of the pictures i took, and honestly i was conflicted, i couldn’t decide on which is the view anymore. ( *ba dum tss* )img_7088img_7074img_6827img_7036img_7004img_6939

Underground party scene in Hong Kong

As most of us may know already that Hong Kong is a melting pot of many different cultural backgrounds, it is home to many different walks of life from all over the globe! This is what makes Hong Kong so special ( And i’m not just saying it because i’ve been born and raised here, and yes i’m a permanent resident lmao, i’m no asylum seeker! ), we live in a city bombarded with different cultures and lifestyles which creates in a way a chaotic masterpiece.

Okay let me cut to the chase, being a young adult ( fuck you i just turned 20, i’m not that old ) the party scene is a very important part of my life now, it’s good to unwind, enjoy the music and occasionally hook up with some chick you wont even remember the next day ( yes i’ve had some personal experiences ). But enough with that, i’m here to talk about the very low key, under-the-radar underground party scene in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s party scene is very oversaturated, there are two main areas which are Lan Kwai Fong and the bars at Wan Chai. Lan Kwai Fong is the most famous party district in Hong Kong, they have the the very well known clubs in this district, different restaurants and Shisha bars. A number of celebrities have partied in Clubs in Lan Kwai Fong, some are Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and just recently Soulja Boy ( Just last week actually ) ! It is home of the many famous clubs in Hong Kong that includes dance floors for the old, the young, the drunk, the sober, the lonely and the horny! What a perfect way to show teenage angst but to party the night away like theres no tomorrow!

As for the Wan Chai party scene, it is more of a place where sophisticated men and women go for a drink, probably a high chance of being predominantly white middle aged male men to be frank. The ones who works at the business and financial sector, the ones who drinks only wine, champagne, whiskey and smokes the most premium of cigars! The same ones who are lets say 9 times out of 10 are single and are always open to hook up with prostitutes, bar staff, or any easy south east asian women pursuing their dream to go from rags to riches! But enough of all that and lets turn to the under-appreciated “Underground” scene in Hong Kong!

The underground scene has been booming in Hong Kong lately due to the rise of youth culture and especially the music scene where new and aspiring artists perform small scale shows to showcase their talents and different styles, this in a way has paved a way of a sort of cult following among teens. Underground parties like these are hosted by individuals who not only rent out the venue ( with no promises they would do well whatsoever ) but also hire the Dj’s and the artists! This is all powered by a tight knit team, will power and pure willingness to take risks, and thats what i really love about the underground scene. Not only does it showcase up and coming artists, the fact that they give opportunities to young talents pursuing their dreams and deviating from the norms of society is always a good sign! The whole underground scene is all about the experience, in Lan Kwai Fong i feel like there people are more focused on hooking up, unlike the underground scene people go there for the experience and its so much easier to socialise ( given that i used to party 3 times a week at Lan Kwai Fong ), people wont really brush you off and it’s just a really fun experience all together!

I do suggest ya all to go to underground events such as this and i promise you you will see a brighter side of Hong Kong! A side fuelled by us millennials, alcohol, cigarettes and sex drive!

The virgins area
6 guys and 1 girl, wonder how this turned out
Gang Gang Gang 
Out here getting footage with the crew
But which is your girl though?




Focusing on iphone filming or these ladies?
I assure you its a club not a brothel
Its live 
Yes thighs makes the best pillows 
Squad pullin up like
Shit the hottest girl hooking up with the ugliest guy
brothel boys 2017
Enter a caption
“I fucked your girl mate”
“He’s the one that fucked my girl”
Underaged drinking
“Is my hair on fleek?”

Nasir Mazhar

img_7184img_7159img_7174img_7223img_7225img_7226img_7227img_7198img_7164img_7162Nasir Mazhar is a British fashion designer that blew up during London’s 2013 fashion week, where he showcased his first full collection for both men and women. Prior to this he was just specialising on headwear and hats ( his iconic bully cap ) and now makes full garments from headwear, masks, tees, jackets and even bags!

Nasir takes a lot of inspiration from where he was brought up and the environment he grew up in, the people, the culture and his sense of style growing up. Growing up in London, he grew up listening to grime and wearing tracksuits frequently. That gave him the creative to turn sportswear into something high end, and in my opinion he is one of very few merging these two very different spectrum of fashion. He brought his street background to high fashion, which to me is really fascinating how he is breaking boundaries and bringing a piece of his life to the industry.


Novelist at Salon 10 Hong Kong

Novelist is one of the hottest up and coming grime artist in the UK, and even labeled the new face of grime and the poster child for the first generation of real grime kids. He was even nominated for “the best grime act” at the 2014 MOBO awards, and he is only 19 ( born January 20, 1997 ). Not only that but he even performed with Skepta ( one of grimes topdogs ), Kanye West and Big Sean. At such a young age he is already self accomplished and is getting better and better with time. He has been having shows in Asia, and i am fortunate to have experienced watching him live here in Hong Kong. The experience was surreal. Ill tell you guys how it went and what i think about grime being brought to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has no grime scene.. yet. And that is the truth, but having this young artist perform here can reach a different type of crowd, a different kind of culture. Although the scene isn’t established here yet, there are loyal listeners of grime, mostly people from the U.K. and international students and even some locals. Why is Hong Kong a good place to have shows like these? It is because Hong Kong is a cultural melting pot. All walks of life can find themselves welcomed here in Hong Kong, where all cultures can merge in unity.

Going to the venue i didn’t know what to expect, Salon 10 is a very posh bar and i was excited to see how they changed the setting. Upon arriving there tickets were very cheap if you ask me. It only cost $150 HKD ( which is 19 dollars in USD ), which is more than justifiable since we are watching an artist perform! I thought i paid just to watch him, and right after the show i would just leave with my friends, i was so wrong in that part.

Upon entering the venue we stood near the back of the bar just to set up cameras to film and take pictures, when all of a sudden a tall white man approached us and said that Novelist ( the artist ) wanted to see us! ( soon enough we found out that the white man was his manager ). We were dazed and confused, what would he want to do with us right? And then we shook hands with his entourage, the area smelt of weed and alcohol and it felt so cool being there i swear. Novelist said we all dressed so nice and he liked our sense of style, though all our outfits were different he said he fucked with it and that all of us were so composed in harmony despite the differences in style. We talked for a while and told them that we were part of Goldfish Tv, a social media page on Facebook that covers events, youth culture, and trends that mixes both local and international underground culture.

Fast forward to the performance it was lit! I didn’t expect it to be that good, what made it so cool is that even the locals knew his songs, they were vibin to it and at the end of the day as an artist you want your songs to bring people together. Also i’ve met so many people through interviews and it was all just a good time, the venue was filled with Instagram models as well which was a sight to see.

At the end of the show, we headed back to where novelist, his Dj and his manager sat and I got the chance to interview him personally for Goldfish Tv. During the interview people were taking videos and pictures of us, it was crazy!

The experience was crazy, and as a photographer i am bound to meet these industry people in events like these, i went in not knowing what to expect, and thank god it was in my favour. Novelist talked about what he did to get where he is right now, gave us advice and said the sky is the limit. As cliche as it sounds that is absolutely true! Looking forward to more events and who knows who i might bump into!

Novelist (live)
Asking about the grime scene here in Hong Kong
Goldfish Tv interviews


Interviewing people
Instagram models and editors for Hypebeast and other brands were also present
Got a chance to sit with him and speak about life

Cape D’Aguilar

Cape D’Aguilar is a cape located on the south side of Shek O D’Aguilar Peak on the southeastern Hong Kong Island. It is named after Major-General George Charles D’Aguilar, and is one of the most beautiful and scenic places here in Hong Kong and trust me pictures do not do its justice. Although getting there takes a lot of time, its well worth the hike i can promise you that!

To get to Cape D’Aguilar you need to go to the blue line of the railway ( train going to Chai Wan ) and stop at Shau Kei Wan station. There you will need to exit at exit A3 where you will find a bus terminus, you will have to get on bus number 9. It is about a 20-30 minute bus ride and you will need to stop at “Cape D’Aguilar” ( no shit right? ).

And this is where the hard part comes along, THE HIKE! It takes around an hour hike to get to the location. It was harder for me since i was not dressed for the occasion, i was wearing my Anti Social Social Club hoody ( as seen in the picture ), black cargo pants and my Raf Simons archive terrex sneaker ( fucking made me slip on the rocks! ) and mind you the sun was out and i sweat a lot. Friendly reminder please do dress appropriately or at least wear shoes with grip, i swear i was on this rock and if i slipped even harder the wave could have taken me and the worse thing is i cant swim for shit! And bring lots of water and snacks incase you get hungry! My overall experience was a very good one, although we were side-tracked and it took us long time to get there, the view really takes out the exhaustion you feel. Right now i will give you 4 major reasons as to why i personally think going out there and exploring can benefit you heaps!

Out of the city

Being out of the city for a change is a good thing, being away from the city that never sleeps and all the rustle and bustle. Not only can you discover the beauty of the great outdoors and have fresh air but also learn to appreciate nature, this is beauty in its most natural form and you really do learn to appreciate it all once you take a glimpse of it.

Trying new things and discovering new places with friends

In my circle of friends, we don’t normally hike and this experience is so new to me. Like every new experience the feeling is euphoric, adrenaline rushes through you and you are just having the time of your lives. It is even more enjoyable doing it with a group of great friends which makes the experience even better and memorable.


The great outdoors is the perfect place to reflect, the ocean breeze, the fresh air, the open area, it all has a way of making you feel at peace. It honestly feel like a sanctuary of zen, where you are in a state of total focus, the togetherness of mind and body. A haven to reflect on the very depths of your emotions, and understand yourself and your surroundingsimg_6891

Take beautiful and edgy photographs

Nothing beats natural landscapes when it comes to photography, and although beautiful it could look very edgy as well. Edgy in a way that makes the pictures have a sense of danger like this one ( yes if i went any closer to the edge and fell i’m screwed ). Just make sure you don’t get into an accident whilst taking pictures like these, especially when heights and an ocean is involved.

For real i was scared to drop my phone


Photos don’t do it justice

Hair House Barbershop by Adam Chan

Hair House Barbershop was found by Adam Chan in 2013. It is located in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, the most famous party district in Hong Kong. Lan Kwai Fong is famous for its clubs, bars and restaurants and attracts tourist and locals alike for a quick getaway and lots of fun. We are quick to overlook the hidden gems in our city, and Hair House Barbershop is definitely one of them!

I was fortunate enough to visit the Barbershop as one of my friends had an appointment there, and yes you have to book a few days early just to have a haircut ( talk about exclusivity! ).

The first thing you notice when you get in the store is the setting. It reminds you of old fashioned barbershops you would see in asian movies, just like the traditional Shanghai barber aesthetic in the 50’s but with a modern twist. The vibe is so homey, yet so professional as well, you can see how concentrated the barbers are on their work, for example when a barber is done he would next to where his colleague whom is still working on a client and just observe. The shop has many interesting decorations, which really sets itself apart from other barbershops. They had supreme skateboards on the wall, a old fashioned coat hanger, electric guitars on the wall, a moose head ( not sure if it was real or not ), and a whole shelf with different types of booze. The barbershop has no many different elements and its what stands out, i feel like the barbers put their personality on how they decorate the whole place, such as how the supreme skateboard being on the wall, as some had a background of skating and also loved the street-wear culture growing up. Some had a music background, and well most of them loved booze!

What really resonates to me is that the whole place is so street culture oriented, from the aesthetic, the design to the staff ( whom are very fashionable, oh and their tattoos were equally as great ). The barbers were so social and friendly, and not only is their service good, the experience is good as well, the whole experience of interaction is what makes loyal customers!

As you can see my friend got a pompadour, in which they specialise on. They also do classic cuts, wet shaves, flattops and are always diligent and with attention to detail! So come check out this dope spot Hong Kong, trust me its worth a try if you’re looking for a haircut, good vibe, and an overall fulfilling experience!


Hair House barbershop by Adam Chan,2/F no.20 D’aguilar street,Central,Hong Kong, Nil Central District, Hong Kongimg_6820img_6821img_6822img_6824img_6827img_6819img_6826